In a Tiny Town

Affordable home ownership is possible.

Are you single, a couple or a young family? Do you want the independence that homeownership can provide but realize that in today's market, homeownership is pretty much an "impossible dream"? Are you attracted to the idea of a maintenance-free, easy to clean, simplistic lifestyle? Do you want to work for a living rather than "living to work"? Have you seen shows on HGTV, videos on YouTube, articles in magazines or newsfeeds about tiny homes and thought "I could be happy in a tiny home"? A tiny home can provide all of the above but currently, there's nowhere you can live in them legally.

We are working to build a network of Tiny Towns within commuting distance of key cities across Canada, where tiny homeowners can legally reside. You will be able to book a site online, bring your tiny home into town, connect to your services like: water, sewer, gas, electricity, TV, internet and be settled into your new home within minutes. Within the generous common areas, walking trails, green space, and community, you will feel welcomed and "at home" in no time. Site rental fees are all-inclusive, affordable and services will be provided using sustainable sources.

Owning the land where you park your tiny home on wheels, defeats the benefit of having wheels. We know that no one stays in the same place forever. Whether its family, work-related or personal reasons, at some time everyone wants to move. We've got that covered too. Site rentals are month to month, so you're not locked into a long-term contract. Just book a new site online in another Tiny Town (or not if you're moving elsewhere), disconnect and drive away. When you arrive at your new town, park, connect and then come meet the community.