Tiny homes make

Affordable home ownership possible.

Are you single, a couple, a single parent or young family? Do you want the independence that homeownership can provide but realize that in today's market, homeownership is pretty much an "impossible dream"? Are you attracted to the idea of a maintenance-free, easy to clean, simplistic lifestyle? Do you want to work for a living rather than "living to work"? Have you seen shows on HGTV, videos on YouTube, articles in magazines or newsfeeds about tiny homes and thought "I could be happy in a tiny home"? A tiny home can provide all of the above, but there are only limited places where you can legally live in them.

We are working to build a network of connected places where you can legally live tiny. We are working with cities and municipalities to enable hybrid THOWs living in a number of ways:

We are working to establish places that you can live tiny, legally. Through the Association, with member locations, you will be able to book your home site online, bring your tiny home to the location, connect to your services such as water, sewer, gas, electricity, TV, internet and be settled into your new home within minutes. Site rental fee information will be available on the Association site and fully disclosed before you book.

Owning the land where you park your tiny home on wheels, defeats the benefit of having wheels. We know that no one stays in the same place forever. Whether it's family, work-related or personal reasons, at some time everyone wants to move. Sites listed through the Association are rental only sites, so you are never tied to a piece of dirt.

World Town Planning Day

Presentation: Tiny Homes - 21st Century Affordable Housing

The following video presentation is an in-depth look at tiny homes, tiny homeowner demographics and how tiny homes can integrate into society.

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