Tiny Home Tour 2019

Taking the Plan on the Road

photo courtesy: Tiny House Expedition

Affodable  Options

We’re building a tiny home on wheels (THOWs) to take on a 49-city tour. Our stay in each city is being coordinated through the mayor’s office as we travel across Ontario. The mayor, city staff, local media, businesses and the public are invited to 4-days of open-houses. They will be able to walk through the tiny home, ask questions about tiny living and get a feeling for the affordable tiny home lifestyle. We believe people are going to be astonished with what they find in a tiny home.

A 40” x 70” UHD digital billboard outside the front door will be displaying our sponsor ads to visitors while they are waiting in the que. Sponsor ads including 3M, End of the Roll, Home Depot, Ikea, Tiffany Pratt Design and Whirlpool (to name a few) will be running and yours can too! Advertising packages start at $100. (see below)

The Association wants tiny homes to be accepted as a legal form of housing because they’re affordable. We’ve also donated it to Habitat for Humanity after the tour, so it can help someone get a new start.

We look forward to meeting you when we’re in your city, so drop by and say hello!