Advisory Board

Each member of this board believes in the concept of the Tiny Town network as a means of providing legal places for tiny homeowners to reside and as a vehicle for vulnerable people to transition back into society.

Ed Peterson

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: October 20 2016


Creator, Builder, Visionary.

Builder, entrepreneur, visionary, Edward Peterson has always looked to creating an exciting new tomorrow. With an appreciation for the world as it is, Edward looks for ventures that expand the choices we have in our lives. He has come to understand how ideas become reality, by nurturing the evolving vision.

His enthusiasm is contagious and this naturally draws talented people to him that help the vision unfold. With an unlimited energy, the projects Edward participates in progress at an accelerated rate producing positive results far ahead of the norm.

Bringing a background in the construction, renovation, food service, computer, solar, alternative energy, web development, sales, marketing, accounting, management and business startups, Edward has a broad experience base to draw upon and the ability to recognize the talents of others that move each project to a successful completion.

Working in the community, Edward has helped local non-profits and charities develop systems and online presences that have assisted them in running their social programs, building support for their causes and funding their operations.

With over 30 years’ experience, Edward has started, built, managed, sold and closed businesses of all sizes. From the simple beginnings of one-man operations through mid-sized corporations doing millions in revenue each year, he has been involved in all aspects of the business lifecycle and brings this knowledge and passion to every project.

Patrick Vecchio

Kingson, ON Canada
Joined: June 12 2017


Teacher, Entrepreneur, Social Activist.

Throughout his adult life, Patrick Vecchio has distinguished himself by taking calculated risks, but with a commitment to personal values and energy to bring to completion what he started. He championed young people, those in need, consumer customers and social causes. He has been recognized for his leadership and building a reputation for forming effective teams which believed in the incubation of new ideas.

In embracing core values: integrity, kindness and reliability, Patrick consistently found himself among common people, working for causes benefitting the community. He is satisfied when helping people. His enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring in carrying out jobs and working to achieve solutions.

Among his volunteer work, there was his election as Student Representative in the Senate of the University of Ottawa; his appointment as a member of the Ontario Early Years Steering Committee for Kingston; followed by his appointment of Community Champion of Kingston and the Islands Early Years Committee.

With some ten years of teaching high school and with nearly more than thirty years in business, Patrick has acquired a diverse experience that saw reaching beyond the classroom and on to managing a business with over six million dollars revenue.

Vanessa Pizzinato

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: June 28 2017


Curiose, Humorous, Inquisitive.

With a desire to weave stories and provide tangible results, Vanessa Pizzinato has over twenty years’ experience in developing internationally award winning brands, websites and integrated marketing platforms that met her clients' vision and mandates. As a graduate from Canada's 'University of Imagination' from The Ontario College of Art and Design, Industrial Design program, she has a collaborative approach to product development while meeting the demands of the corporate stakeholders and shareholders alike.

Her aversion to boredom and thirst for 'different' peppers her experience from the mundane to the fantastic. After ten successful years with her own agency, she was drawn to tell a story that was bigger than her; Vanessa's 'Happy Place' - where challenges and strategies converge - where intrigue and interest flows and is found within any project that she tackles.

Jason Beisick

Red Deer, AB Canada
Joined: August 21 2017


Ambitious, detailed, savvy

With over 20 years experience in everything from estimating & sourcing materials to designing & building, Jason is now combining his skills and putting them to perfect use in the planning and development of Tiny Home communities. Jason spent several years designing & helping build oilfield Engineering Skid-Shacks for Engineers & Geologists to use in the filed. The designs were similar to tiny homes but more like park-model trailers. From there he worked for several years as a Civil Engineering Technologist at Stantec designing civil-residential subdivisions. Taking a break from design drafting, Jason then worked for a local lumber store doing project estimating & management.
Jason is currently a Project Manager/Drafting Technologist for a structural engineering firm by day, and a Tiny Home Design Draftsman by night, which he hopes will develop into a full-time career. He also writes for The Tiny Home Blog ( and The Tiny Home Page ( When he is not in front of a computer, Jason loves spending time with family, being outdoors, camping and enjoying sports.

Ted Hsu

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: September 10 2017


Legislator, Policy Maker, Advocate

Ted Hsu (pronounced “shoe”) lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. A former Member of the Canadian House of Commons, Ted has also worked as a research physicist and business manager. He currently advocates for the place of science and innovation in government and society.

Science | Democracy | Equity | Sustainability | Prosperity

Fred Enzel

Toronto, ON Canada
Joined: September 11 2017


Focused, Fair, Social Minded

Fred is currently retired from a 30 year career as an Internal Auditor and Chief Financial Officer for both For Profit and Non Profit organizations. He graduated from York University with a Degree in Economics in 1979 and received his CA (now CPA) Designation in Ontario in 1984 while employed by the Ontario Provincial Auditor. His career included 12 years with Southam Inc., the Canadian newspaper publisher and printer as Director of Internal Audit and later, Director of Finance. Subsequent to that, he joined the Canadian Hearing Society and served as the Chief Financial Officer from 1999 until 2010. He then joined the University of Toronto Schools, a private school affiliated with the University of Toronto, as their Chief Financial Officer. Fred took early retirement in 2012 and has been focusing on spending time with his family. Fred has bilateral cochlear implants.

Mike Janiec

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: September 17 2017


Adventurous, energetic, thoughtful

Mike is the owner of both Solbright Inc. and Pukaskwa Solar Energy. Pukaskwa owns and is developing 110kW of solar energy in Eastern Ontario. As part of the FIT and MicroFIT program, Pukaskwa will continue to produce solar energy for the next 20+ years. Solbright Inc. is currently building MicroFIT projects for the general public and is developing multiple FIT projects. Mike is also providing FIT and MicroFIT consulting, with multiple consulting contracts in the government sector. Both Pukaskwa Solar Energy and Solbright Inc. are ideally positioned to take advantage of the Ontario Power Authorities long-term contracts under the FIT and MicroFIT programs.