Our virtual Advisory Board is bringing together a wide variety of talents and perspectives to make Tiny Towns a reality.

Advisory Board

Each member of this board believes that providing legal places for tiny homeowners to reside will increase the available affordable housing options across Canada.

Ed Peterson

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: October 19 2016


Creator, Builder, Visionary.

Builder, entrepreneur, visionary, Edward Peterson has always looked to creating an exciting new tomorrow. With an appreciation for the world as it is, Edward looks for ventures that expand the choices we have in our lives. He has come to understand how ideas become reality, by nurturing the evolving vision.

His enthusiasm is contagious and this naturally draws talented people to him that help the vision unfold. With an unlimited energy, the projects Edward participates in progress at an accelerated rate producing positive results far ahead of the norm.

Bringing a background in the construction, renovation, food service, computer, solar, alternative energy, web development, sales, marketing, accounting, management and business startups, Edward has a broad experience base to draw upon and the ability to recognize the talents of others that move each project to a successful completion.

Working in the community, Edward has helped local non-profits and charities develop systems and online presences that have assisted them in running their social programs, building support for their causes and funding their operations.

With over 30 years’ experience, Edward has started, built, managed, sold and closed businesses of all sizes. From the simple beginnings of one-man operations through mid-sized corporations doing millions in revenue each year, he has been involved in all aspects of the business lifecycle and brings this knowledge and passion to every project.

Enam Hoque

Kingston, Ontario Canada
Joined: August 30 2019


Passionate about Planning Tiny

Graduated in June 2017 with a Master of Planning Degree from School of Urban and Regional Planning, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada with a concentration in both Environmental Planning and Land Use Planning. Other interests include Social Planning, Indigenous Planning, Heritage Planning, and Multicultural Planning.

20+ years of sales and business development experience in HVAC controls, building relationships, managing the company’s day to day operations, contract negotiations, logistics, product development, technical support, and superior customer service.

Liz Webb

, Canada
Joined: January 06 2020


Patrick Vecchio

Kingson, ON Canada
Joined: June 12 2017


Teacher, Entrepreneur, Social Activist.

Throughout his adult life, Patrick Vecchio has distinguished himself by taking calculated risks, but with a commitment to personal values and energy to bring to completion what he started. He championed young people, those in need, consumer customers and social causes. He has been recognized for his leadership and building a reputation for forming effective teams which believed in the incubation of new ideas.

In embracing core values: integrity, kindness and reliability, Patrick consistently found himself among common people, working for causes benefitting the community. He is satisfied when helping people. His enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring in carrying out jobs and working to achieve solutions.

Among his volunteer work, there was his election as Student Representative in the Senate of the University of Ottawa; his appointment as a member of the Ontario Early Years Steering Committee for Kingston; followed by his appointment of Community Champion of Kingston and the Islands Early Years Committee.

With some ten years of teaching high school and with nearly more than thirty years in business, Patrick has acquired a diverse experience that saw reaching beyond the classroom and on to managing a business with over six million dollars revenue.

Tiffany Pratt

Toronto, ON Canada
Joined: July 31 2018


Vibrant, Multifaceted, Magical

Tiffany Pratt’s vibrant and multifaceted design philosophy transforms people, objects and spaces. Her trademark hair, big energy and hands-on approach make Tiffany Pratt unforgettable. Her aesthetic never fails to make a colourful first impression and inspires smiles. She is always ready to create and invent with a client’s needs top-of-mind.

Tiffany started her career in fashion and beauty in New York City but found great love teaching children art. Her passion for transformation is the foundation of her business, making her a go-to designer, stylist and maker. She has a unique gift to see the exquisite in the unexpected which is reflected in her book This Can Be Beautiful, which is a visual and creative feast for anyone who wants to imagine and build a more beautiful life. Her signature style mixes old with new and merges elegant with livable. No matter what she does Tiffany lives and breathes her truth that anything can be magical.

Laura Blease

Wellington, Ontario Canada
Joined: June 25 2019


Positive, passionate and open-minded

Laura graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelor in Environmental Studies, and has been passionate about environmental protection for as long as she can remember.  Laura is the founder of and a member of the Board of Directors at Seeds for Eco Communities which is an Ontario based not for profit organization, established in May 2016.  For the last 14 years Laura has also been working at the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks developing legislation, regulations and best practicies to help protect the land and water, here she is currently working as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Environmental Policy Branch. Laura has been working for over a decade with Ontario First Nations and other Indigenous communities in the work she undertakes. In her free time, Laura enjoys camping, hiking, running, mud runs, swiming, skiing, snowshoeing and learning about sustainable living.

Lisa Costa

Toronto, Ontario Canada
Joined: March 07 2018


Educator, creator, listener for possibility.

Lisa Costa has spent the majority of her adult life guiding young children within traditional and alternative classroom settings, with a focus on aiding children in developing core skills such as self awareness + goal setting, communication + community building, problem solving, and emotional development; as well as supporting students in pursuing their particular passions within curriculum wherever possible. She currently guides children aged 2.5 to 6 years at Odyssey Montessori School in Roncesvalles Village, Toronto. Lisa exercises her vision for active passion-fueled community beyond the classroom when she participates in events for sustainability and conservation, alternative housing, and the arts. Lisa has recently taken her leadership and community building skills to a new level by embarking on creating Toronto's first Tiny Home Festival, to occur in September 2019.

Jenoa Meagher

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: February 19 2018


Curious Strategic Kind

Coordinating and designing the delivery of programs and projects in the City of Kingston is a passion of Jenoa's. Her enthusiasm for economic empowerment, social good, and equity make her particularly interested in the Tiny Town Association and movement. Working with community partners and fostering relationships is what makes her tick. Her academic background in Affordable Housing in Ontario and Kingston specifically sparked her interest for a meaningful and sustainable affordable home ownership initiative.

Kyle Vine

Sudbury, Ontario Canada
Joined: February 28 2018


Creative, Innovative, and Relaxed

With a passion for writing and exploring what life has to offer, I`m balancing University in Sudbury, ON and a career in entrepreneurship. I strive to reveal the power of words, and how human connection can make life special. A history and English Major in the teaching program, I have a passion for critical thinking. Writing poetry and creating music may fill my free time, but business is a constant thought. I am CEO of Poetry Ghost Writing Service, while exploring the new trends of marketing and technology. Meanwhile, I assist multiple Non-Profit organizations, and have 2 Charities as clients with Poetry Ghost. I want to create a story that has never been told before, and every new opportunity is another step forward!

Maria Guerrero

, Kansas United States
Joined: September 12 2018


Freedom, Art, Magic

As an Artist, Maria's desire is to express herself in as many different ways and forms as her heart desires, let it be through drawing, traveling, learning a new sport or skill. Life is an infinite gift of opportunities and magic that she wishes to experience every moment of her life. As an Architect, her dream is to help the world reach true freedom, peace and happiness by designing beautiful, magical sacred spaces where people can enjoy the journey of reaching their highest self through a creative lifestyle. When she's not working at her 8-5 job learning about the business of architecture, she makes time on the weekends to design magical custom tiny homes for those who dare to choose to live their life of their most wildest dreams.

Sheena Jardine-Olade

Ottawa, ON Canada
Joined: August 14 2018


Champion for Change

With a background in urban planning, arts and culture, environmental management, stakeholder engagement and research, Sheena channels her experience and out-of-the-box thinking into innovative solutions and strategies that generate unique solutions.  

Prior to working on such projects as Sustainable Calgary, State of our City Report, Active Neighbourhoods and new ground-breaking Indigenous speaker series Redx Talks, Sheena started a new conversation by founding Freq. magazine, a publication focusing on arts, culture and the daily issues we face in a rapidly urbanizing population.

After falling in love with all things design, she completed a semester of school in Finland, and later a Master's of Urban Planning at the University of Calgary.

When she isn’t championing great design, you can find her travelling extensively and playing music that makes people want to dance.

Sayan Roy

Kingston, Ontario Canada
Joined: February 09 2018


Experienced Instrumentation Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Part of a team that built the first CNG barge for transportation of crude oil.Skilled in Analytical Skills, Requirements Analysis, C++, Business Development, and Strategic Planning. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and Masters of Engineering (M.Eng) focused in Instrumentation from Amity University,India and Queen's University,Canada.

Ted Hsu

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: September 10 2017


Legislator, Policy Maker, Advocate

Ted Hsu (pronounced “shoe”) lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. A former Member of the Canadian House of Commons, Ted has also worked as a research physicist and business manager. He currently advocates for the place of science and innovation in government and society.

Science | Democracy | Equity | Sustainability | Prosperity

Mike Janiec

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: September 17 2017


Adventurous, energetic, thoughtful

Mike is the owner of both Solbright Inc. and Pukaskwa Solar Energy. Pukaskwa owns and is developing 110kW of solar energy in Eastern Ontario. As part of the FIT and MicroFIT program, Pukaskwa will continue to produce solar energy for the next 20+ years. Solbright Inc. is currently building MicroFIT projects for the general public and is developing multiple FIT projects. Mike is also providing FIT and MicroFIT consulting, with multiple consulting contracts in the government sector. Both Pukaskwa Solar Energy and Solbright Inc. are ideally positioned to take advantage of the Ontario Power Authorities long-term contracts under the FIT and MicroFIT programs.

Kilian Weekes

Milton, On Canada
Joined: August 21 2019


Genuine, focused, driven.

To give people shelter

Those words began to drive me from the age of 16 as I sat in grade 10 drafting class. Looking back on my career within the building industry after 24 years & counting, & admiring where we have arrived, I simply am in awe at the circle of life & how history repeats itself.

As a proud citizen of the Greater Toronto Area, I see a City full of mega & sub-cultures who are all intertwining, living, loving & learning. We have never done this before & break new ground every day.

Where are we falling short? Shelter! We have found ourselves in the teeth of 'supply & demand.' Problem being, our building industry is being driven by overseas money by investment opportunities, life opportunities, whatever opportunities, but we are known as the land of opportunity. What happens when our very own citizens fall on hard times, or run out of opportunities? Alternative living is the answer. There is nothing else that can give a human being a sense of pride other than ownership.

The GTA is the central hub of Canada, the land of opportunity. Let’s diversify our built form.

David Lidz

Baltimore, MD United States
Joined: March 17 2018


Recovery Homefulness SocialEnterprise

Social Entrepreneur. Having climbed out of alcoholism myself in 2002, I used the tools of spirituality-based Recovery to build Appalachian Field Services, a now highly reputed regional provider of REO maintenance and renovation services. I did that while honoring the spirit of service or purpose which is the foundation of lasting, meaningful Recovery. SO, I built AFS and then opened Recovery Residences while paying particular attention to "paying it forward." By offering safe sober residential settings, as well as jobs, vocational training and enterprise incubation (via the REO work) to folks climbing their way out as I did, I found my purpose, grew into Social Enterprise, and thus Ladder-To-Leaders was born. Ladders-to-Leaders helps men and woman build solid and lasting Recoveries through good old-fashioned work-ethic and mentoring relationships. Stay tuned for PropoNovo, Inc, which is the Benefit Corporation I chartered to become the umbrella under which these two partnering social enterprises will become one. PropoNovo will be a game-changer, both in the for-profit REO management world, and in the non-profit substance abuse Recovery world. PropoNovo, is scaling the housing/work Recovery model pioneered by AFS/L2L, landing in new cities, and broadening the social impact sphere that model can benefit. For example, PropoNovo is opening a Recovery outpost in Baltimore's Park Circle neighborhood, and engaging the neighborhood their to rebuild a community which has struggled with poverty, violence, addiction, economic disenfranchisement, homelessness, and other problems. We are very excited to engage Baltimore's Vacants-To-Values program to do great things in Park Circle; to create new or re-newed affordable housing, urban parks, gardens and arts venues; to bring positive impact and community and vocational opportunities to the schools; to conduct and curate a comprehensive history of this long-established community; and to create a model of housing security, or "homefulness" which we can then bring to other neighborhoods and other cities.

Jason Beisick

Red Deer, AB Canada
Joined: August 21 2017

Ambitious, detailed, savvy

With over 20 years experience in everything from estimating & sourcing materials to designing & building, Jason is now combining his skills and putting them to perfect use in the planning and development of Tiny Home communities. Jason spent several years designing & helping build oilfield Engineering Skid-Shacks for Engineers & Geologists to use in the filed. The designs were similar to tiny homes but more like park-model trailers. From there he worked for several years as a Civil Engineering Technologist at Stantec designing civil-residential subdivisions. Taking a break from design drafting, Jason then worked for a local lumber store doing project estimating & management.
Jason is currently a Project Manager/Drafting Technologist for a structural engineering firm by day, and a Tiny Home Design Draftsman by night, which he hopes will develop into a full-time career. He also writes for The Tiny Home Blog (thetinyhomeblog.wordpress.com) and The Tiny Home Page (facebook.com/thetinyhomepage). When he is not in front of a computer, Jason loves spending time with family, being outdoors, camping and enjoying sports.

Vanessa Pizzinato

Kingston, ON Canada
Joined: June 28 2017


Curiose, Humorous, Inquisitive.

With a desire to weave stories and provide tangible results, Vanessa Pizzinato has over twenty years’ experience in developing internationally award winning brands, websites and integrated marketing platforms that met her clients' vision and mandates. As a graduate from Canada's 'University of Imagination' from The Ontario College of Art and Design, Industrial Design program, she has a collaborative approach to product development while meeting the demands of the corporate stakeholders and shareholders alike.

Her aversion to boredom and thirst for 'different' peppers her experience from the mundane to the fantastic. After ten successful years with her own agency, she was drawn to tell a story that was bigger than her; Vanessa's 'Happy Place' - where challenges and strategies converge - where intrigue and interest flows and is found within any project that she tackles.

Fred Enzel

Toronto, ON Canada
Joined: September 11 2017


Focused, Fair, Social Minded

Fred is currently retired from a 30 year career as an Internal Auditor and Chief Financial Officer for both For Profit and Non Profit organizations. He graduated from York University with a Degree in Economics in 1979 and received his CA (now CPA) Designation in Ontario in 1984 while employed by the Ontario Provincial Auditor. His career included 12 years with Southam Inc., the Canadian newspaper publisher and printer as Director of Internal Audit and later, Director of Finance. Subsequent to that, he joined the Canadian Hearing Society and served as the Chief Financial Officer from 1999 until 2010. He then joined the University of Toronto Schools, a private school affiliated with the University of Toronto, as their Chief Financial Officer. Fred took early retirement in 2012 and has been focusing on spending time with his family. Fred has bilateral cochlear implants.

Wayne Scott

Kitchner, ON Canada
Joined: November 10 2018


Wayne is heading up the Association development in western Ontario.

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