Join the movement to make legal places for Tiny Homeowners to reside!

This membership is for individuals and Corporations that want to support the Association's Tiny Home Tour through their sponsorship. Your combined sponsorship can determine our level of success in having tiny homes accepted as a legal affordable housing option.

You will select the Group you are a part of, the Charity you would like your support to go to, as well as some direction for the Association.

Note: As a Not-for-Profit Canadian Corporation, we are unable to issue tax receipts for sponsoring.

Free for Lifetime Membership

Your Corporate Sponsorship becomes part of the group you have selected below. The total sponsorship the group raises will determine the Group Level. If collectively you reach the Gold Level before any other group, your group will become our Title Sponsor for the 2018 Ontario-wide 49-city Tiny Home Tour. The tour is a unique opportunity for your brand to be associated with our program to increase the affordable housing options, as well as putting an actionable plan in place to address homelessness. The tour will become the "Good News" talk of the media for the next 10 months as we, along with our partners and sponsors keep the province abreast of our travels.

Be sure to encourage your employees to sponsor us as well. As soon as a Title Sponsor and Powered-by Sponsor are reached, we will inform the winning group and begin to apply the designations. All groups will receive various levels of recognition as the tour progresses and we will announce milestones of levels achieved.  We'll make sure that the public knows how your contribution is helping people access affordable housing in Ontario!

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