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The Logan32 build is underway! While we have secured some sponsors for our upcoming 49-city tour across Ontario, we are still looking for more. We wanted to explain to businesses the opportunities that exist by sponsoring the tour:

Tour Facts

  • The tour will visit every city in Ontario with a population of 40,000+ residents
  • The tour will travel to cities with a combined population of over 11M people
  • The tour will provide a 1-day open house for the local municipal government
  • The tour will provide a 1-day open house for the local media
  • The tour will provide 3-days open house for the public
  • The tour will keep the regional and national media updated on our progress
  • The tour will keep all social channels updated on the tour activities
  • The tour will place the Logan32 in a prominent location in each city, where all open houses will be held
  • The tour will collect and provide some data throughout the tour for the title and transportation sponsors
  • We will place acknowledgments on the Association website to all sponsors
  • 2018 is the launch of our tour plans, and based on the response, will be the prelude to either a Canadian East, West or both tour next year
  • We are getting more interest in our programs from places in the US and may look to tour or coordinate tours there next
  • 2018 tour sponsors will have the first choice on all future tour sponsorships

Tour Benefits

The following additional benefits will be enjoyed by sponsors of specific items/services:

  1. Selected tiny home construction materials, appliances, and housewares sponsors will become the preferred suppliers for our tiny home builds. Each Tiny Town will require an initial order of 54 - Logan32 tiny homes. A key focus of the tour is to find the city/municipality that understands the unique distinction of being the home of the FirstTinyTown, as there can be only one that will be recognized as where the movement started throughout history.
  2. Transportation sponsors will have the distinct benefit of being associated with the birth of the tiny home movement. Your truck will become the first truck to be associated with moving a tiny home. From our ongoing feeds to local, regional and national media, your truck will be seen everywhere, moving out tiny home. We plan to video and drone record the transporting of the Logan32 on the road across Ontario, as we enter/leave each city on the tour and as we pass through many smaller towns. This is a one-time opportunity to supply the vehicles that will be associated with our tour, and the future of tiny home moving. The visual to keep in mind is your labeled truck moving our Logan32 from city to city across Ontario. This is a 50' unique moving billboard that is sure to make a lasting impression. While we are stopped in each city, we can either leave the truck attached to the Logan32 or we can park it at a local Dealership, providing a media opportunity for them.
  3. Service and other sponsor providers will benefit from ongoing reference during the tour to the services they have provided, as well as photo opportunities at office locations in city destinations when possible. We will endeavor to include at least 1 photo opportunity with the Logan32 at a location during the tour.
  4. The title sponsor will benefit from our ongoing references throughout the tour. The tour name will include the sponsor company’s name. The company will be granted special access to the Logan32 throughout the tour. Location, website, and questionnaire signage will acknowledge their participation as the key supporter making the whole tour possible. We can include Logan32 rooftop signage to ensure that the title sponsor’s name and logo are prominent in all media exposure.
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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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