When will a Tiny Town be in my city?

This is a question I am getting asked more and more often from people across Canada: "I want to move into a Tiny Town in my city, when can I?" I would love to be able to say we're coming your way this year, but realistically, that's not likely.

For us to build a Tiny Town in a new city, a number of things need to happen. First, we need support and interest from a number of people that want to own a tiny home and park it in a Tiny Town. It's a large expense to build a Tiny Town and we need people that will move into it to support it, once it's built. More importantly, we need each city that hosts a Tiny Town to want to work with us, along with the municipality where the Tiny Town will be. They are the ones that ultimately determine if we get the zoning and building permissions to construct and operate the Tiny Town.

You can speed up the process and get us there faster! You can become a Tiny Town Ambassador. An Ambassador is a local champion for getting a Tiny Town to their city and they are willing to invest some time and effort to make it happen. To begin, join the Association (it doesn't cost anything). When you register, indicate that you want to be an Ambassador. After you register, log into your account and complete your profile, most importantly indicate the city you want to be the Ambassador of. 

Next start to work on getting support. This is your biggest job as an Ambassador, to build up interest and support for getting a Tiny Town to your city. Start talking about Tiny Towns with your friends and social contacts. Get them to join the Association and get them to get their friends to join the Association too. It doesn't take long through friends, of friends, of friends, to build enough support that we can bring our proposal to the city council and the municipality. If we present our proposal to the city/municipality and say we have someone that wants a Tiny Town to be built here, no one takes us seriously. But if we say we have thousands of local supporters, real people that want a Tiny Town built in their city, the council can see that that there is a good reason to move forward, allowing us to built.

We are working to build support for Tiny Towns in various cities and as an Ambassador, you can speed the process of getting us to your city, simply by building support. We'll set up a new area of the website that will talk more about being a Tiny Town Ambassador and ways that you can help the movement become a reality all of the 120 cities across Canada where we want to build a Tiny Town. (While our plan is to build 133 cities in Canada, we are targeting just 120 cities to start.)

Join the Association here...

Tiny Town Ambassador


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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

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