The first step to become an Ambassador is join the Association.

Get Involved

Once a city has a minimum of 1,000 Association members, we will schedule a meeting with city officials to discuss coming to your city and building a Tiny Town. While one could imagine a more complex process, that’s all there is to it. So, your next step is to join the Association and get working on find a few friends that like the idea and are willing to help.

We’re working to build support for Tiny Towns in various cities and as an Ambassador, you can speed the process of getting us to your city, simply by building support.

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02 August 2018
Today's Shout-Out goes to Allegion for providing handle sets and locks for our model tiny home. One of the products they carry is the Schlage line, and they have sponsored a complete set of handles and locks for our home, including a Smart lock for t...


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