Tiny Home Tour 2018

How groups are making a difference!

Group Sponsoring

We have created a program where individuals and corporations can come together and sponsor the Association's tour.

Individuals may choose a sponsorship amount between $5 – 200. Their sponsorship will combine with others in their group to collectively reach a goal. The total sponsorship reached by a group will result in a recognition level for the group and each individual member in the group.

Corporations may choose a sponsorship amount between $500 - $5,000. Their sponsorship will add to the Individual sponsorship to collectively reach a goal.

The first group that reaches the Gold level will become the Title Sponsor for the tour and the second group that reaches the Silver level will become the Powered-by Sponsor. All other groups will become Tiny Home Sponsors, either on their own if they reach the Bronze Level or with other groups that have selected the same charity for the donation.

To move into each colour level, a group must reach a combined Sponsorship amount as indicated.

Sponsorship Levels

  • $500 - Red Level Sponsor
  • $1,000 - Orange Level Sponsor
  • $2,500 - Yellow Level Sponsor
  • $5,000 - Green Level Sponsor
  • $10,000 - Blue Level Sponsor
  • $25,000 - Purple Level Sponsor
  • $50,000 - Violet Level Sponsor
  • $75,000 - Bronze Level (Home)
  • $150,000 - Silver Level Sponsor (Powered-by)

  • $250,000 - Gold Level Sponsor (Title)