Planned Tiny Towns across Canada.



Full-time jobs created in Tiny Towns across Canada.



Planned social program houses in Tiny Towns across Canada.



Planned Affordable Tiny Home sites in Tiny Towns across Canada.

  • Mission

    To create a legal network of Tiny Towns that provide an affordable housing option.

    Our Mission

  • Objectives

    To convert vacant land in designated areas into Tiny Towns where tiny homeowners may legally reside.

    Our Objectives

  • Planning

    We believe a national plan with guidelines that ensure consistent construction and operation of all Tiny Towns is a sensible solution.

    Our Plan

  • Expansion

    By including a Tiny Town in a community, city planners can prepare for the inevitable demand for this new housing option.

    Our Expansion

  • Citizens

    Who would choose to live in a tiny town and why? Here are three user groups along with some explanation as to why they're going tiny.

    Read more

  • Benefits

    There are many reasons why people are interested in owning a Tiny Home and here are four of our favorites.

    Read more

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