You don't have to convince everyone that Tiny Homes make sense.

Just the Numbers

While it may seem impossible to get 1,000 members to join the Association to support having the Association build a Tiny Town in your city, but it’s much simpler than you think. Here is an example of the power of your social influence:

Let’s say you talk to your friends and 20 of them join the Association, some because they want to move to a Tiny Home, but most because they understand the benefit of increasing the amount of affordable housing in their city through Tiny Homes. Let’s say half of them agree to become Ambassadors too, to help spread the word. If each of these new Ambassadors can interest 20 of their friends, family and business associates to join and do the same, here’s what happens:

  • You invite 20 new members = 20 supporters for your city
  • 10 become Ambassadors and each invite 20 new members = +200 supporters for your city
  • 100 become Ambassadors and each invite 20 new members = +2,000 supporters for your city

Now we understand that this looks great on paper, but in real life, it won’t happen the same. Some people will be from a different city, some will not bother to get any new members to join the Association. All of that’s OK because we know that with time, the effect will be similar. All that’s needed is that you start to share what we’re doing and ask those that are interested in supporting the idea, to do the same.

Don’t be impatient, just enthusiastic and know that we will come to your city and build a town when the support is there.