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KTECT's humble beginnings go back to the early 2000's when it entered the American building market. Ten years of research and development paid off with a variety of awards and recognition including Popular Science Magazine - 2009 “One of 100 best innovations” and Project FROG - 2011 “zero-net-energy building system”.

Early feature builds can be found in Ogden, Utah - the first platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified medical office; in Crotonville, N.Y. - as part of GE’s corporate learning center; and in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge Visitor Pavillion - a partnership with Project FROG.

In 2015, KTECT technology arrived in Canada with the fabrication facility establishing in Kingston Ontario. This facility provides the "home base" for delivering product across North America. KTECT Canada SBS is committed to continuing the tradition of excellence in customized solutions while adding the capacity to take the next step of providing “turn key” building solutions.

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The KTECT wall, floor and roof system is the right choice for sustainable design in residential, commercial, and institutional construction. KTECT integrates the time tested materials of light gauge structural steel studs and EPS uniquely and as a result has completely eliminated thermal bridging and enhanced sound attenuation.

Achieving energy efficiency well beyond current building code requirements is now both affordable and simple to do when combining "no thermal bridge" with an R-value of up to 4.7 per inch. 1 In addition, KTECT makes complex designs simple: radius walls, cathedral ceilings, arched windows - all without compromising R-value.

Although KTECT walls, floors and roofs are designed to work together thereby maximizing energy efficiency, many choose to combine one or two of the KTECT components with other building materials depending on individual designs and needs.

KTECT is 100% recyclable, has no harmful chemicals or off-gassing, and is resistant to moisture, mildew and insects.