Tiny Town Manifesto

If you are looking for a summary/compilation of the thoughts and ideas about how we feel that tiny homes can integrate into society, then you've come to the right place.

Here we will post copies of our Manifesto so that you can read/download your own copy. We're not looking to profit from the tiny home movement, just help it along in the ways that we believe can satisfy all.


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Our first publically available manifesto.

Created 2019-03-22
Changed 2019-04-13
Version 0319.22
Size 452.51 KB
Downloads 175

We've added to the manifesto to address questions about tiny homeowner demographics and added an Appendix of key Blog topics.

Created 2019-03-29
Changed 2019-04-13
Version 0319.29
Size 613.22 KB
Downloads 139

This version of the Manifesto includes a look at the future value of tiny homes and if we expect tiny homes to remain affordable. We have added the Logan32 plans to the package and key points from the Tay Valley, Ontario bylaw amendments from 2018 that enable tiny homes on vacant lots and as inFill housing (secondary dwellings) on a property with an existing home. Yes, you can live tiny legally in Tay Valley Township today!

Created 2019-04-13
Changed 2019-04-13
Version 0419.12
Size 1.47 MB
Downloads 265
pdf.png Manifesto 1019.01HOT
(1 vote)

An updated version of the Manifesto which now includes the details of the Pocket Community Demonstration Project - PowerPoint video along with the basic budget for the project. We have added the original Logan32 notes, plans along with an OBC Compendium relating to tiny homes, and the Tay Valley tiny home-related zoning by-laws.

Created 2019-10-01
Changed 2019-10-17
Version 1019.01
Size 1.63 MB
Downloads 352
pdf.png Manifesto 1019.05
(0 votes)

We've spent the last week collecting and assembling all our design notes to include in this version of the Manifesto. The most notable additions are the Pocket Community and Urban Pocket sections, which expand on the Pocket Community - Tiny Town Demonstration Project. 

The Pocket Community project is for a standalone, off-grid 12-tiny home Community with all our planned eco-living components. There has been growing interest from city's with universities to potentially build this type of project, to demonstrate and study tiny home community living.

The Urban Pocket is a smaller initiative that connects 4 or 8 tiny homes on a single property to city services, again as an alternative urban initiative.


Created 2019-10-05
Changed 2019-10-05
Version 1019.05
Size 1.88 MB
Downloads 57
pdf.png Manifesto 1019.17HOT
(0 votes)

This is our Canadian Elections 2019 Manifesto. It includes our plans to build a national tiny home project, consisting of 241,040 tiny homes/tiny home sites across Canada. Sites will be built in 1,554 cities and towns in all corners of Canada to provide affordable housing everywhere. The plan costs $2.9B, with a net cost to Canada of $1.45B, under $6K per home and includes over 15,500 transitional homes for the homeless.

Created 2019-10-17
Version 1019.17
Size 1.92 MB
Downloads 120

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