In a Tiny Town

Tiny homes are a legal housing option.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable tiny homes as a legal housing option.

We believe that a THOWs is a sensible form of housing for a portion of society.

By enabling tiny homes to legally reside in a variety of locations, we will expand the affordable housing options available to people.

Join the Association

When you choose to join the Association, you are deciding to support our work to make tiny homes a legal housing option for everyone. There are many benefits that affordable tiny homes can add to our society, and the small membership fee collectively can help us make big changes.

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21 September 2018
Friday’s shout-out goes to Maria Guerrero who recently joined our Advisory Board. As an Architect, her dream is to help the world reach true freedom, peace, and happiness by designing beautiful, magical sacred spaces where people can enjoy the journe...

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