By signing this petition, you are indicating your support of our proposal to build Tiny Towns across Canada under the existing Affordable Housing programs, thereby increasing the affordable housing options for everyone. In summary, the goal is to provide a network of locations where tiny homeowners can legally reside.


We believe that a network of Tiny Towns located within commuting distance of every major city and town across Canada is the quickest and most economical means of expanding the affordable housing options for Canadians.

We believe that the Tiny Town Association’s ARTO program can quickly address the growing needs of vulnerable and homeless citizens, as well as providing a long-term solution to the social cost of supporting these programs in their current forms.

We believe that Tiny Homes are a sensible housing option for many Canadians and feel that having a plan in place to enable this housing option, will ensure a positive entry of this housing type into the market.

We request that the Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal governments support the Tiny Town Association’s ARTO program initiative and provide the necessary approvals for the construction of Tiny Towns in all areas of the country, so that more Canadians can afford a home of their own in Tiny Towns.

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Once you have completed the form above and by clicking the Submit Here button (below), you are confirming your support of our Tiny Town movement as outlined above.

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