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You can help us make history, because that's what making Tiny Homes a legal housing option will be.

Part of the history of Canada, maybe the world.

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  • Corporate Partners

    Are you willing to share your industry knowledge in: THOWs">THOWs design, THOWs">THOWs construction, town planning, town construction and town operation? Do you see the potential that our towns offer both citizens and the businesses that support them? If you have said yes to any of these points, then become a corporate partner and share your experience with us.

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    Both individuals and corporations can leave their mark on the future by supporting the association through town sponsorship. These sponsorship funds are used for the development and enhancement of the services available in the selected town. Town sponsorship will be available through:
    • Street naming
    • Town naming
    • Social and cultural center development and naming
    • Program funding
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    We want to provide a safe, warm and nurturing community where vulnerable people can re-integrate into society. We do not believe that people struggling to survive on the streets should be cast aside and forgotten by society. We believe in helping when we can.
    We want to offer people that want to transition from Social programs a hand-up, not a hand-out. We believe that everyone that wants to change can change when they put their mind to it and we want to create an environment the offers that opportunity. Donating to a town or the association will help us keep our vision growing. As a non-profit organization, all the money we receive is put into the construction, operation, development and management of the towns. You can help us, help others by your donations.
    Please note that the TTA">TTA is a Non-profit Canadian association so all the funds collected and received are put into the town development, management and the social programs we offer. Only donations to our social housing program through (our charity) will provide tax receipts. To Donate, Join the Association as a General Member. Log into your account and in your Profile, in the Participate tab, select you would like to make a Donation(s). A member of our Team will contact you about next steps.
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