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dalmen transOver 45 Years!

In 1972, Jacques Ménard joined the family business and decided in 1975 to launch an organization essentially for manufacturing and distributing doors and windows under the corporate name of “Dalmen Products Ltd”.

This began the construction of a modern-day factory perfectly located at exit 51 off highway 417. The company attributes their accomplishments to the well-equipped plant, but principally to a qualified staff that is dedicated to the success of the company; some of which have been here since the beginning.

1984 marked the beginning of the vinyl evolution as a major component in the manufacturing of windows. In the beginning, vinyl was used as an exterior cladding on wood windows and doors that then lead to the fabrication of the vinyl frame. It is towards 1994 that Dalmen developed its first complete vinyl windows–the Comfort Series. With this arrived new machines to cut and weld the vinyl that made it possible for this industry to acknowledge a decade of changes and improvements without leaving behind its history.

Proud of its heritage and always searching for new products and techniques, Dalmen is known as an evolutionary pioneer in the industry. In 2000, Dominic Alary, a recent graduate of Polytechnique School in Industrial Engineering joined the team.

Dominic implemented a very modern technique of production; the development of new windows and the advantages of aluminum, vinyl, and wood; new methods of marketing techniques and guided Dalmen skillfully to new heights. He quickly became general manager of the company and an important shareholder in 2005.

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  • Installed

    The windows are going in!

  • Casement Windows

    Omni Series

    Here is everything you need to know about the Omni Series windows we offer:


    • All PVC window with thermally welded corners
    • Multiple air chamber profiles for optimum thermal insulation
    • PVC retaining strip
    • Triple weather-strips located on the sash for maximum air and water tightness
    • One piece 4 1/2’’ wide frame that puts the glass in the warm part of the wall. Furthermore, its 90° geometry allows for better water evacuation on top of being easy to clean
    • 3/4’’ wood and 1/2’’ drywall returns built in the frame
    • Removable fiberglass interior screen with an enameled aluminum frame
    • Water evacuation without any apparent hole in the cap
    • Profiles extruded with a PVC compound powder which gives a glossy finish and reduces dirt adherence


    • Universal brick mould with integrated siding return
    • Different types of glass
    • Removable or integrated grills
    • 3/4” wood interior extension cladded with PVC (made to measure) or full PVC plank with matching casing

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  • Slider & Hung

    Omni Series


    • All PVC window with thermally welded corners for better performance and efficiency
    • Multiple chamber profiles for optimum thermal insulation
    • Triple weather-strips located on the sash for maximum air and water tightness
    • Integrated interlocking lock system for better forced entry security
    • 3/4″ wood and 1/2″ drywall returns built into the frame
    • Sealed glazing total thickness 11/16″ (18 mm)
    • Full or half-size fibreglass screen with an enamelled aluminum frame, removable from the inside
    • Central interlocking system that increases performances with Air Infiltration and Forced Entry test results
    • Profiles extruded with a PVC compound powder which gives a glossy finish and reduces dirt adherence
    • Ergonomical lever lock

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  • Steel Doors

    Selection Series

    The Selection Series is one of the most popular series year-round. The turnover rate is about half the time compared to the rest of our models due to their popularity.



    The Commodity Selection series has door models that are commonly seen in many modern homes. Their clean and sleek design complements the architectural surroundings of many different types of residences. This category also has many different glass options.


    The Prestige Selection series offers your customers a sophisticated and elegant look for their home. Choose from several different styles such as the sleek black door model, Pur, or the simple yet classic model with stained glass, Rodin.

    For all door models, the glass is low-e (low emissivity) argon, which ensures enhanced energy performance.

    Product Page

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