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2018 Collection


A plethora of thin linear lights converge at numerous angles into a central cluster. Simultaneously rectilinear and decorative the reduced scale from the initial SIRIUS provides an ideal accent to be used in multiples or as focal point.


Sirius’ array of elements emanate from a single point in a starburst of light. A visual statement that draws the eye as the burnished finish interplays with the light, revealing shifting highlights and shadows. Contemporary and decorative.


Transform your space into an astral atmosphere with the Artemis pendant. Inspired by sky landscapes and the serenity of the moon.


Kuzco’s new collection. A radiant torus of bright, even illumination. Available in a variety of sizes and as either a pendant or flush mount, these halos of light adapt to any setting. Eternal and substantial.


Kuzco’s beautiful modern architectural style exterior fixtures enable you to bring cohesion outdoors.


The Solaris has exquisite diamond-cut clear crystals which reflects the light to create those awe-inspiring moments.


Inspired by medieval influences with a modern silhouette. The Turin fixture uses industrial piping combined with bubble acrylic to diffuse light in a spectacular way.


The beveled curves of this striking wall sconce recall Art Deco elegance. The dramatic contrast between interior and exterior finishes accentuates the light, which is cast both upwards and downwards for maximum illumination.

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