riobel logoThe son and grandson of plumbers, Mario Bélisle was himself one for more than a quarter of a century.As he had an entrepreneurial streak, he founded a distribution company called Sélection 25 in 1995.

In 1999, Mario acquired Toronto-based Baldwin Faucets and the company’s focus gradually shifted from distribution to the design and creation of faucets and shower systems. Business opportunities multiplied because customers appreciated the high-quality products and sales increased dramatically. So, in 2002, the company moved to its current, spacious location in St. Jérôme and renamed itself Riobel, a contraction of the founder’s name, MaRIO BELisle.

Over the next few years, Sélection 25 continued expanding outside of Quebec by making inroads into the Atlantic provinces and Western Canada. With seasoned and devoted professionals, Riobel soon reached new heights. Riobel’s designers, engineers, and technicians work on creating innovative products: they develop 3D models, test faucets on various test benches and at the technical centre. They analyze competing products to ensure that Riobel products are always a notch above in appearance and functionality. After the design and intensive testing phases, these products are sent to the assembly, packaging and distribution teams.

In 2009, Riobel set its sights on the American market and revamped its corporate image. This is when the current logo was created.To maintain its brand image, all display stands that are shipped to retailers are assembled by Riobel’s own carpenters.

2011 marked the launch of the Riobel PRO product line for PROfessionals and their PROjects.

In 2014, Riobel Academy, Canada’s first institution dedicated to training in the science of faucets, was inaugurated. The Academy receives and trains faucet consultants, designers, plumbers, contractors and plumbing students on faucets and shower systems.

In 2016, Fortune Brands Home and Security acquired Riobel and helped further develop the US markets. So, Riobel products are making their way into a growing number of commercial and residential buildings throughout North America.

What Riobel is today is the result of one man’s passion which was passed on so that the next generation could continue his quest for quality, pursuit of excellence and desire to keep innovating where product design and functionality are concerned.

Riobel: Flow, form and function!

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