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Tiff portraitTiffany Pratt’s vibrant and multifaceted design philosophy transforms people, objects and spaces. Her trademark hair, big energy and hands-on approach make Tiffany Pratt unforgettable. Her aesthetic never fails to make a colourful first impression and inspires smiles. She is always ready to create and invent with a client’s needs top-of-mind. Tiffany started her career in fashion and beauty in New York City but found great love teaching children art. Her passion for transformation is the foundation of her business, making her a go-to designer, stylist and maker. She has a unique gift to see the exquisite in the unexpected which is reflected in her book This Can Be Beautiful, which is a visual and creative feast for anyone who wants to imagine and build a more beautiful life. Her signature style mixes old with new and merges elegant with livable. No matter what she does Tiffany lives and breathes her truth that anything can be magical.

Tiffany on TV

HGTV Host “Home to Win” and “Buy It, Fix It, Sell It

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21 September 2018
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