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If you consider the space you use in your own home on a day to day basis, you will find that it is no more than a tiny home. While you have lots of air, and places to store stuff, the average person or couple does not live in very much space. Here are the top 4 places you live in your home:

  • Bedroom
    This is the room you spend the most time in (unless you work from home), and most of it is in your bed. You have some space for clothes storage, but beyond that, this is all that space is used for.
  • Kitchen
    If you prepare meals and eat at home, this is the next most popular spot in a home. In many homes, this is also the central meeting and communication hub. It includes places for food, equipment and dish storage, appliances, counters for food preparation, and a place to eat.
  • Living room
    While this area goes by many names including great room, family room, rec room, etc. It is the area where you spend the time doing what you do when you aren’t doing the rest.
  • Washroom
    A key place in every home, this room sometimes includes clothes washing facilities as well.

Beyond this you may have some specialized areas you frequent occasionally, but essentially the rest is hallways and space.

Tiny Homes eliminate the extra space, have no halls and have no space to hide the stuff you rarely or never will use. Everything identified above is included in each tiny home and more!


Our flagship model home, the Logan32 is a 32ft (36ft with hitch) Tiny Home on Wheels (THOWs) and is designed to live in our off-grid Tiny Towns. The Logan32 will include:
  • 1 queen bedroom with wardrobe and storage
  • living room with queen convertable bed/couch
  • full kitchen including: stove, oven, fridge, double sink, dishwasher, pantry
  • full bathroom including: tub/shower (combo), sink, toilet
  • laundry facilities including: washer, dryer
  • natural gass forced-air heating
  • central air conditioning
  • heat recovery/air exchange system
  • storage loft
  • on-demand natural gas hot water heater (owned)
  • for further details see the the concept design below
The Logan32 is designed for 1-2 adults. It provides easy 1 floor living so it can accommodate people with mobility limitations. This model can be made to be accessible as well. We are working on other models which will include 1 or 2 additional bedrooms and can accommodate young families with up to 4 people.

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