Program Outline

Our ARTO Program integrates existing social programs but within a plan that moves the participants in planned stages away from each program. Using the current social programs and integration into the Tiny Town community, we expect participants that want to change, will be successful. We also see the opportunity for participants that fear to move away from social support, will do so without realizing that they are.

  • Utilizing the existing provincial affordable housing programs, we will build tiny homes to meet a municipalities’ social program requirements (minimum 50 per agreement)
  • We will locate these Program homes within the Tiny Town that services each host city.
  • We will rent the tiny homes to the Program participants at a subsidized rate under existing provincial rental assistance programs.
  • We will manage and maintain the Program homes without additional cost to the municipality or any program.
  • We will provide counseling services to the Program participants utilizing existing provincial/municipal programs to assist participants in the transition process.
  • The municipality will need to supply basic public transit between the Tiny Town and the host city.
  • All Tiny Town citizens must volunteer 10 hours per month as a condition of their residency. Program participants will need to volunteer an addition 22 hours per month on the Program and this will be banked towards owning their home.
  • After 3,840 volunteer Program hours, the participant will own their tiny home, free and clear. (10 years at 32 hrs. per month)
  • The TTA will place a new home into the Program at half the cost to the municipality for another participant’s use.

The ARTO Program will allow participants to transition into owning their own homes through rent to own and volunteer hours. Many opportunities will exist in each Tiny Town for citizens to be employed, both full and part-time, so some Program participants will have an opportunity to earn an income within the town as well. The program participant can decide to provide more or fewer hours. The length of time to ownership is a function of volunteer participation hours.

The ultimate goal is to help all participants become independent.

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