Research Study Project

The Tiny Town Association has contacted Universities across Canada about conducting a research study into our Tiny Town project. While we have left the actual details about the study open (we were curious about what aspects students would be drawn to) we did include a sample project outline comparing our proposed affordable housing program to existing programs within their home province or territory.

We are hopeful that we will gain valuable insights into the benefits, short-comings, and issues that could affect the success of our Tiny Town initiative.

This project is open to anyone wishing to research this topic and submit your findings to the association for consideration. Here are the details of our proposal:

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Project Proposal for Students

By way of an introduction, we are volunteers who belong to a not-for-profit organization: Tiny Town Association. At this time, the Association does not have a staff or any member receiving remuneration for his/her work. The only indemnification is the satisfaction from his/her contribution.

Our objective is to develop “Tiny Towns” across Canada that offer legal places for those wanting a tiny home lifestyle, as well as supporting men and women seeking innovative affordable housing options that complement their way of life.

It has been brought to our attention that your Program has in its curriculum projects such as the one we are proposing.

PROJECT: Research Study by Students

The research design of the study should be descriptive. The Primary data collected from governments' involvement in their provision of housing for their citizens comes from information associated with programs aimed at meeting the need for shelter. The Secondary data is gained from the websites of the Tiny Town Association and other websites of interested individuals and groups.

Following the collection of information, an analysis takes place and that should produce pertinent findings to be included in the study. The students working on the project could follow their own outline. A suggested outline, however, could be something like this:

A Comparative Study on the proposed Supply of Affordable Housing by the Tiny Town Association with its Industrial Competitors

  1. Introduction
    1. Community / Industry Profile
    2. Company Profile
    3. Product Profile
  2. Development of Main Theme
    1. Need of the Study
    2. Objectives of the Study
    3. Scope of the Study
    4. Limitations of the study
  3. Analysis and Interpretation
    1. Research Methodology
    2. Analysis and Interpretation
    3. Findings
    4. Suggestions
    5. Conclusion

Please direct your study proposal inquiries to:

Ed Peterson
Tiny Town Association

If you are interested in this research project, we would look forward to your participation. The project is open and ongoing, as we are hoping to have studies performed at various times over the course of the Project. We feel that these studies could help impact the direction of the Association and Project as we continue to move forward, breaking new ground and shaping the world of tomorrow.

Feel free to submit any Tiny Town and/or Tiny Home questions through the Director's email above.