Our social program is planned to help those members of society that are in a vulnerable position, transition back into society through Tiny Towns. Working with the provincial governments we create affordable housing that is then rented to candidates that have demonstrated a strong desire to change their lives. The following are key components of the program:

  • Participants can own their own Tiny Home is just 7 years on the program.
  • The rent charged on each home is modest.
  • Each participant must volunteer 10 hours per month as their standard citizen residency requirement.
  • Each participant may volunteer an additional 40 hours per month which is required for them to own their home.
  • Once a home is part of the provincial program, the TTA will replace the home without further cost as each participant transitions into owning their home.
  • All homes in the program are managed and maintained by the Association.
  • The Association will work with the province and municipality to provide counseling to participants in the program.