Your Support Matters

The Tiny Town Association’s mission is to make legal places for Tiny homeowners to reside and provide housing for vulnerable people who are transitioning from social support programs.

We believe that a network of towns built for Tiny Homes will provide owners with the ability to live in legal communities and move amongst the communities as they desire.

Tiny Homeowners live a minimalist lifestyle by choice and we feel that bringing those who are transitioning from having nothing back into society, will result in a more positive environment for those transitioning.

This is a large project as we are looking at building over 130 Tiny Town locations across Canada, so we need all the support we can gather. If you agree with the aims of the association, here is what you can do to support our efforts to make Tiny Towns a reality in Canada.

Sign the Petition

Sign our Petition! We are gathering signatures from people that like the possibilities that Tiny Towns hold. While we see a lot of interest in tiny houses in the media and on the internet, nobody is really addressing the issue of where to park tiny Homes. Our petition is to show the governments of Canada that there is a real interest in the Tiny Town strategy as a place for Tiny Homes in our society.

We believe that as time moves on, more people will be attracted to tiny houses as a viable housing option during a part of their lives. This can only be successful if there are legal places for Tiny Homes to stay. Sign our petition and we can show the governments that there is real interest and support for our initiative.

Become a Volunteer

Looking to get a little more involved? In addition to the functions, features, and benefits of joining the Association, become a Volunteer member and help us when you can. As the Association grows and we begin to expand into all areas of the country, we will need people to help with various projects. We will post these opportunities in an area accessible to Volunteers and if you have time, you can take on a task. Be recognized as a part of this historic event in Canada’s history as a Volunteer.

Advisory Board

Join our virtual advisory board to share your wisdom and experience with us. This vision involves many moving parts to bring it into operation and requires that we work with the government on many levels, as well as the private sector.

If you have experience in any area that you feel can benefit a Discussion, register to become a member of the association and indicate you want to offer your services as a member of the Advisory Board.

We expect that board members will participate in the online Discussions where their knowledge and experience can contribute to the discussion. Participation in any Discussion is at the discretion of the member.

Government Access

If you are a member of any level of the Government and are joining the Association in your official capacity, please join through here. We will call your office to confirm your registration and once complete, you will have access to your account and the government specific areas of the website.