Blackbird is a premier builder of custom tiny homes for the Canadian and American market. It is led by a passionate builder and advocate for the tiny house movement and is committed to helping people live their dream of tiny house living. Whether it's reducing or eliminating debt, to working less and living more through traveling, to living simple and affordably, we are here to help make your dream possible.

Unlike many other tiny house companies, we employ professional journeyman carpenters, electricians, plumbers & gas fitters as well as off grid specialists. We build them to last as long as any residential home, if not longer. Whether it’s for the cold northern climates of Canada, or the hot temperatures of the southern United States, our homes will stand the test of time. Many companies claim this, we prove it.

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Blackbird Tiny Homes 24' Custo

Blackbird Tiny Homes 24' Custo

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