As teenagers (a long, long time ago), Daniel Hamilton, Cindy Lee Hamilton, Robbie Hendricks, Trent Haery, and Rachel Pitman had a unique vision for their lives.  After meeting one another at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, they decided they wanted to live life differently.  They demanded freedom, adventure, exploration, sunsets, travel, and flexibility.  After being introduced to the tiny home movement years ago, it was clear to them: the path to big freedom was to go tiny!  And so began the quest to learn more about the tiny home movement.

However, information on how exactly to "go tiny" wasn't so readily available, and answers to questions about design, best types of builds, and legality were vague (or completely undefined). Not only was building a tiny home a challenging endeavor, but understanding regulations, land sourcing, and zoning was a challenge in and of itself!  While Dan, and his wife Cindy, were researching their own personal tiny home vision,  it came to them:  they would build a one-stop shop to help people live their tiny dreams.  Not only would they help an individual or family put their visions on paper and build their ideal tiny home, but they'll help them with all of the other stuff - like how to actually live in a tiny home!

Fast forward a few years, the "guys" are a much bigger team as it stands today.  Along with adding a new friend (and honest-to-goodness tiny home expert) to the team - renowned Ohio-certified architect and tiny home designer (and dweller) Bruce Faris - they added a few wives/husbands, a few kids, and a ton of dogs.  Not only have the families expanded, but so has the team, and this newer, bigger team builds their homes hand in hand with Amish craftsmen in Northern Ohio.  Renowned for their carpentry, we knew the path to the best possible tiny homes was to partner and work hand-in-hand with the greatest craftsmen in the world.  Thankfully, they are right here in Ohio.

​We decided to name our company Modern Tiny Living for two reasons.  One, because we create the most beautiful, safe, livable, and roadworthy Tiny Homes on the market today.  And two, because we not only create modern tiny homes, but we believe tiny homes are the modern way of living.  We believe experiences are what drive joy and passion in life, and living tiny gives people the ability to travel, the ability to focus on those they love, and the ability to live life on their own terms.  

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