Tiny Home Tour 2018

We're taking our Logan32 on a tour across Ontario.

photo courtesy: Tiny House Expedition

Step Inside

You've probably seen tiny homes on HGTV, on YouTube, in newspapers and magazines. You've thought that maybe you could be happy in a tiny home, but you're not sure. Well, we've got an invitation for you. We're building the Logan32, our model tiny home and we're bringing it to 49-cities across Ontario. We want you to experience walking through a tiny home. Ask us questions about living in a tiny home, and get a real feel for the tiny home lifestyle.

It all starts with building the Logan32. We're getting it all on video and will post it on our YouTube channel so you can get an idea of what building a tiny home yourself is all about (for those brave enough to tackle it themselves). When complete we'll be leaving to visit each city. We're still working the bugs out of our schedule and will post it here as soon as its finalized, so you'll know when we'll be in your neck of the woods.

We'll also be working with the local Habitat for Humanity office/store in your city, who will be helping us get the word out to your local media, municipal government and you, the public to come out and take a tour through the Logan32.