An Ambassador builds support for a Tiny Town in their city.

Tiny Town Ambassadors

A Tiny Town Ambassador is someone that wants to see a Tiny Town built in their city and they have decided to get involved to make it happen sooner.

For us to build a Tiny Town in a new city, a number of things need to happen. First, we need support and interest from a number of people that want to own a tiny home and park it in a Tiny Town. It's a large investment to build a Tiny Town and we need people that will move into it to support it, once it's built.

Next, we need each city that hosts a Tiny Town to want to work with us, along with the municipality where the Tiny Town will be located. They are the ones that ultimately determine if we get the zoning and building permissions to construct and operate the Tiny Town. Contrary to what many people think, the municipality and city are working to provide a great place to live for its residents, now and into the future. Their interest is listening to its citizens and responding to their requests, working within the city’s official plan.

As a Tiny Town Ambassador, your main job is getting support for a Tiny Town in the form of Association membership. The more people you get to join the Association from your city, the more credibility we have when we present our proposal to the city/municipality. If we present our proposal and say we have some interest, or some “serious interest”, we get nowhere. But when we say we have a thousand Association members from this city that want to see a Tiny Town built here, people listen.

Let us explain how you can build up support for in your city.