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I am encouraged by the support coming in for the Tiny Town Association and our advocacy tour. People and companies are letting us know they want us to continue our work to address affordable housing and homelessness in Canada with tiny homes. The appreciation for our initiative to promote the tiny home auction for Habitat for Humanity during the tour, and the exposure that it will generate as a fundraiser for them, is fueling our social desire.

I was really touched by the number of PMs from people wishing they could fund the completion of the tiny home themselves, but I wasn’t looking for one person. This is a project that affects us all, so I’m looking for people to come together and support it collectively. If everyone will put $20 towards the tour, together we can make it happen. That is the miracle of crowdfunding. When you give a bit because you believe in a cause and get your friends to do the same, you decide which social initiatives happen with just $20! Even if you don’t have the social influence to get friends to contribute, you are still part of my social network, so please help.

We have never given up on our belief in what we are doing. It has not ended, it is just changing. We have a plan, but it is fluid, not concrete. When something leaves the plan, it creates a hole and often what fills the hole makes the plan stronger. We expect to have some exciting news about the tour next week.

Together we can make tiny homes a legal housing option in Canada. Give a little to our GoFundMe campaign at

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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

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