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Tour 2018 Update

So today I am facing the potential end of the tiny home tour and the Tiny Town Association. The company I have been working with to build the model tiny home has told me they need me to pay for the work they have done beyond what they are able to sponsor for the model home. They have offered to buy me out for the cash I have put in, then finish the home at their cost, and lease it back to me when I am ready to go on the tour. They gave me until 1pm today to decide. The trailer manufacturer (whom didn’t sponsor the trailer) has told me I need to pay the balance of the cost of the trailer as well. I feel no ill-will to either company, as I understand they have bills they need to pay too.

However, I feel that although they say they will lease the house to me for the tour, because they have repeatedly expressed doubt in my ability to make the tour happen, they will complete the house and sell it, offering to build another when I am “ready” to make the tour. The fact that it would then be their house, they can then control if and when that would happen, based on their opinion of my readiness to take their house on tour.

My bills with the builder and the trailer manufacturer are $24,000. If you can support my effort to raise the funds to take over the completion of the tiny home and begin the tour with a GoFundMe pledge, I will see if there is enough support overall to proceed, if not I will fold the GoFundMe campaign returning your donation.

I have only until 1pm to see if there is support for our tiny home initiatives from people willing to put their money in to help.

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Friday, 19 October 2018

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