2018 Tour Budget

The following outline identifies the main categories of expenses for both the Logan32 tiny home build and the tour costs. The Tour is being planned to visit 49 cities across Ontario this year, spending about a week in each city. The purpose of the tour is to bring a real tiny home into each city to give the media, local government and the public an opportunity to walk through the home, ask questions about "living tiny" an give government regulators an opportunity to listen to the Association's plans for bringing an affordable, sustainable, green focused new home option to their city.

Logan32 build
     Plans  1,500   
  Building materials  24,550  
  Home Mechanical  8,008  
  House Tech  6,303  
   Build Total  40,361  
  Trailer 9,495  
  Hand & Power Tools 9,028  
  Appliances  8,102  
  Furniture  3,200  
  Small Appliances, etc 3,200  
  Home Décor 1,847  
  Home Total   75,233
Tour Expenses
  Food  44,364  
  Accommodations  46,890  
  Gas/Insurance 20,340  
  Staff  205,400  
  Transportation  80,224  
  Staff Technology 11,580  
  Expense Total   408,799
  Total Tour Costs   484,032
  Contingency Fund   10,968
  2018 Tour Budget   495,000