2018 Tiny Home Tour


An educational tour across Ontario to introduce the media, public, and local government to our Tiny Town project to enable Tiny Homes as an affordable NEW housing option and a vehicle to address homelessness in Canada.


Our 49-city tour across Ontario in our Logan32 model tiny home launches in April 2018. The tour will give the public and media an opportunity to walk through a tiny home to get a feeling of “living tiny” and learn about our Tiny Town project. While seeing shows on TV about Tiny Homes is good, nothing compares to standing in one and getting the “I could do this” feeling. We want people to realize that tiny homes are a sensible, affordable, NEW housing option for individuals, couples and young families.

In addition, tiny homes are being used successfully to house the homeless throughout the US and our ARTO Program builds on this concept using a “Pride of Ownership” model to transition participants off assistance. To kickstart the program, we are donating the Logan32 to Habitat for Humanity, Canada at the end of the tour.

The Logan32

While we are building the Logan32, we will post DIY construction videos on our YouTube channel. We want people to realize that they can build a tiny house themselves as the most affordable homeownership option available today. Our videos will show regular people going through all the phases of constructing the tiny home and how they can work with local building officials to construct their homes to code. Sponsors will be referenced in the videos and products used will be highlighted and reviewed (positively only) to support our sponsors.

Logan32 Tour

Tour note: We have relocated the combo washer/dryer from the washroom to the lower part of the pantry, to provide a secondary exit during the tour. It will be returned to the washroom prior to the donation.

On Tour

While we are on the tour, we will Blog, Vlog and socially post from each city about our living tiny tour experiences. Our website currently has about 500 new hits per day, Facebook posts over 1,000 impressions and we expect that the visual impact of the Logan32 (36’ long plus truck equals a 56’ moving billboard!) traveling from town to town, then being setup in a high traffic location, will generate a lot of buzz.
Our drone will be recording everything as it happens, and we’ll post these tour videos during our stay in each city. Our website is connected to our social channels to keep everyone in the loop as we travel the province.

Media Connections

We began referencing the tour through our website and social channels in January 2018. We are targeting both local and national media channels with plans to intensify our exposure as the tour progresses.

As we finalize our city dates, we will begin connecting with the media and key officials in each city preparing them for our visit. Arriving in the city, the local Habitat office will be working with us to encourage the media, the local government and public to come out, tour the Logan32 and attend our Q&A sessions.

Through surveys, media spots, open houses and Q&A attendance, we will be able to gauge and report on the public’s growing interest as we proceed from city to city on the tour.


The Tiny Town Association is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation, which cannot issue charitable receipts (but can issue a paid invoice). We are seeking a group of Sponsor Corporations to fund the 2018 Tour. We have determined many ways that we can support your brand in exchange for your sponsorship, to keep you in the public’s eye during this campaign:

  • Major Sponsor (1 – largest monetary contributor)
    - Your brand and name become part of the tour name placing it in the media at every mention
    - Your signage can be displayed on the Logan32 while traveling and while parked
    - Your brand will appear in prominent places throughout the Association website
    - Your brand will be referenced in our social posts and articles
    - Your brand will appear in our print media
    - Your brand, company profile and message will be highlighted in our Tour Sponsors’ pages
    - Your 15-second info/commercials will be included in the DIY series and Tour videos
  • Group Sponsors (monetary and product contributors, frequency based on contribution)
    - 15-second info/commercials of each Logan32 DIY series YouTube video
    - 15-second info/commercials of each city Tour YouTube video
    - Your brand will appear in changing places throughout the Association website
    - Your brand will be highlighted in some media messages
    - Your brand and message can be included in some social posts
    - Your brand, company profile and message will be included in our Tour Sponsors’ pages
Visual Impact

As we arrive in each new city, the Logan32 will attract attention as we drive to our home location and setup for the week (it’s a 56’ moving 3D billboard that’s a home!) We’ll capture this with our Drone and post it everywhere. This along with the buzz generated by our local partners will ensure that we and our sponsors are recognized supporting a program to address homelessness and affordable housing across Canada.
We will be prominently parked in a sponsor’s store parking lot and will remain there while in that town. All media tours, government seminars, and public open houses will be conducted at this one location, resulting in major media exposure, traffic and photo opportunities.


This is a unique and very visual opportunity to be seen by the public, supporting a new project to address the current issues of #affordablehousing and #homelessness.

Tiny homes present a new option in homeownership for individuals, couples and young families. They provide an opportunity for the DIYer or finished home purchaser to own their home at a cost that rivals any other housing type. Tiny Homes support the current minimalistic lifestyle that many Millennials are embracing. Tiny Towns present a sustainable, affordable location for tiny homeownership.

The success of tiny homes as a housing option to transition homeless people throughout the US has been used as the basis for the Affordable Rent to Own (ARTO ) Program. Working within existing government programs and budgets, using a “Pride of Ownership” model, we can provide housing and counseling services to help participants reintegrate into society.

Without a new action plan, these historical issues will continue to grow. Many countries around the world are trying different ideas, mostly based on the same strategies that have resulted in demand exceeding supply.

Our project utilizes existing government programs and budgets to move recipients off assistance over time. This project can get ahead of demand and begin to eliminate the growing burden on our social system. Ontario is our stepping stone to a national campaign.


Environment is the sum total of everything that is around us including nature and man. Man’s very existence has an impact on the environment by the structures he requires to survive. The magnitude of the effect is determined by the size of the structures and with time, man’s structures have only gotten larger.

Tiny Homes, by their design have a lesser impact by:

  • Consuming less resources during their construction.
  • Generating less construction waste during the build.
  • Requiring less resources to operate on a day to day basis. Compare the cost to operate a traditional home vs any tiny home for 1 – 2 people.
  • Consuming less resources as many remodeling projects happen when a new homeowner renovates a used home. As Tiny homeowners take their homes with them when they move, this renovation step is eliminated.

Tiny Towns, are being designed to be environmentally friendly by:

  • Operating off-grid using renewable energy to power the town (solar).
  • Using anaerobic digesters to process compostable and sewage waste to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) to power water heaters, ovens, stoves and home heating systems.
  • Operating a town-wide recycling program.
  • Incorporating a Town2City public transit system to lessen vehicular pollution.
  • Generating carbon credits for the city that hosts them.
  • Assisting the host city in achieving its emission targets.

By enabling tiny homes, Tiny Towns help us live a little more responsibly.


Who are the consumers that are attracted to a tiny home lifestyle?

Were the early adopters of Tiny Houses. Tiny houses fit the lifestyle where all the necessities fit into an affordable housing option, one that you could build yourself. Credited with starting the movement, Millennials are the engine behind its acceptance as a housing option.

Have begun to view tiny homes as a viable retirement choice. Now that the kids have moved on, most Boomers no longer require a large house and tiny homes are convenient, manageable and an affordable housing option where independence can easily be managed.

The generation that comes after Millennials is already showing a strong interest in Tiny Homes. Building on the momentum of a minimalistic lifestyle, with more virtual jobs and a tendency to value social interactions, travel and community more than accumulating stuff, many iGen’s will become tiny homeowners of the future.

There are 3 distinct tiny homeowner groups that we are targeting through the tour:

  • Singles – This group is the broadest and most diverse as it spans a wide range of ages. A large segment of this market are women.
  • Couples – There are 2 distinct groups of couples, pre-child and post-child. Both see tiny homes as easier to acquire and manage while maintaining an independent lifestyle.
  • Young families – Young couples find that tiny homes can provide an affordable start to beginning a family but as the family grows, most will opt to move into traditional housing to enjoy more space.
Founder’s Comment

I don’t live in a Tiny Home and I imagine you don’t as well. This project is not about whether either of us plan to live in a Tiny Home, but rather whether we think that Tiny Homes, as a housing option, makes sense. I think it does and that is why I founded the Association and why we are planning this tour. Simply put, Tiny Homes are another form of housing that appeals to some people in our society. For this reason, Tiny Homes will become a housing option. The only question is when.
Do you want to be a part of this movement or just a company that remembers when it all started?

Next Steps

Please forward your questions and/or letters of interest to me directly. We are looking for a prompt response as the Logan32 building plans are being completed, we have the volunteers with construction experience ready to build, we have the location to build arranged and the first event we are attending is in April.