Tiny Home Tour 2018

Awesome people and companies are making this happen.

photo courtesy: Tiny House Expedition

Helping Out

The idea that Tiny Towns can enable tiny homes as a housing option is just that, an idea. Moving from an idea to a project in action takes resources and people, people that can catch the vision. So when you're thinking about living tiny, consider that these companies have helped make your dream possible. They supported Tiny Towns when it was just an idea, and their support is making it a reality.

  • Timbercraft Tiny Homes:
    Doug Schroeder
    timbercraftWhen we put out a call for help with a set of plans for the Logan32, Doug was the first person to respond. His design team patiently accepted out plan changes and with their experience, helped us move from an idea to a liveable tiny home. They have been handcrafting tiny homes since 2014. Their experience and craftsmanship shows in every home they build.
  • Habitat for Humanity:
    Terry Petkau
    logo Habitat for HumanityWhen we reached out to Habitat for Humanity, Canada about donating our Logan32 to them at the end of our tour, Terry was enthusiastic but reserved. Our Tiny Town concept was different than their traditional housing model. As they warmed up to the idea, they started reaching out to their supporters to help us build the Logan32.
  • Bailey Metal Products:
    Ken Meinert
    bailey metal productsHabitat reached out to Bailey Metal Products in Concord to supply metal framing for the Logan32. We wanted to use steel framing to make use of it's lighter, stronger, straighter, mold resistance and other qualities. Ken has been most helpful in providing the expertise to make this happen. Bailey, a family owned and operated Canadian company is recognized as the industry leader, offering building solutions to both the commercial framing and drywall finishing residential markets.